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Chapter 14: the Presidency When prime ministers choose their cabinet, they usually choose from outside of …parliament? You can serve in both parliament and be the prime minister. Not so with the presidency and congress, etc. main function of the prime minister: to hold the party/coalition together and to control parliament. Cabinet appointments are in effect to control parliament. The people who become president for us usually don’t come from congress the way a prime minister would come out of congress. The president usually has no/little experience with national politics. Presidents don’t look to congress to be appointed to the cabinet because they’ll have to give up their position in congress. (slide 4): We hold him accountable for economic affairs etc. the further his administration goes on, more blame or credit will be placed. Bulletpoint3: Andrew Jackson took the presidency very active and to a different level. Then Lincoln, then forget presidents til the 1930’s. For the most part congress was expected to be dominant in the process. A lot of big bureaucracy makes it look like they’re formidable. The bureaucracy is hard to control. (slide 5): white house staff oversees the president’s political and policy interests. The reason they’re #1 is because they’re physically the closest to the president (in the white house with him). President Clinton’s staff had over 500 people with a budget over 35 million dollars[?]. how they’re organized will tell us something about who has the most influence. “I’m going to make the white house accessible”-circular. O->pres<-O one of them is the white house chief of staff.
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POLSnotes3110 - Chapter 14: the Presidency When prime...

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