Lecture 08-Constructors

Lecture 08-Constructors - CS1110 Classes stepwise renement...

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1 1 CS1110 Classes, stepwise refnement 23 Sep 2009 Miscellaneous points about classes. More on stepwise refnement. Review session: 1:00-3:00, Sunday, 3 Oct., Philips 101 Prelim confict? Email Maria Witlox by Friday. Tell her what the confict is (which course, work, reason ±or being out o± town, etc.) mwitlox@cs.cornell.edu Next: wrapper classes. Section 5.1 oF class text 2 Help: Get it now iF you need it!! • Call Cindy 255-8240 for an appointment with David Gries. • Email Lillian Lee to make an appointment: llee@cs.cornell.edu See a consultant in the ACCEL Lab: Sun, Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs during o±²ce hours. • See a TA. • Peer tutoring (free). Ask in Olin 167 or visit On http://www.engineering.cornell.edu, click on "student services". On the page that comes up, click on "Engineering Learning Initiatives (ELI.) " in the left column, upper part. Then, click on "peer tutoring" in the left column. 3 Content oF this lecture Go over miscellaneous points to round out your knowledge of classes and subclasses. There are a few more things to learn after this, but we will handle them much later. • Inheriting ²elds and methods and overriding methods. Sec. 4.1 and 4.1.1: pp. 142–145 • Purpose o± super and this . Sec. 4.1.1, pp. 144–145. • More than one constructor in a class; another use o±
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Lecture 08-Constructors - CS1110 Classes stepwise renement...

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