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Lecture 10-Recursion

Lecture 10-Recursion - Read pp 403-408 but SKIP sect 15.1.2...

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1 1 Recursion : If you get the point, stop; otherwise, see Recursion. Infinite recursion : See Infinite recursion. Read: pp. 403-408 but SKIP sect. 15.1.2 ProgramLive CD, page 15-3, has interesting recursive methods. Download presented algorithms from the website Recursive definition : A definition that is defined in terms of itself. Recursive method : a method that calls itself (directly or indirectly). Recursion is often a good alternative to iteration (loops), which we cover later. Recursion is an important programming tool. Purely functional languages have no loops —only recursion. CS1110 30 September. Recursion Prelim I 7:30–9:00PM Thursday, 7 Oct /** = the number of ‘e’s in s */ public String noe(String s) { if (s.length() == 0) { return 0; } // { s has at least one char } } 2 Called the base case Called the recursive case Express the answer with the same terminology as the specification, but on a smaller scale: number of ‘e’s in s = (if s[0] = ‘e’ then 1 else 0) + number of ‘e’s in s[1..] return (s[0] = ‘e’ ? 1 : 0) + noe(s.substring(1)); Notation: s[i] shorthand for s.charAt[i]. s[i..] shorthand for s.substring(i). s 0 1 s.length() 3 Two issues in coming to grips with recursion 1. How are recursive calls executed? 2. How do we understand a recursive method and how do we create one? We discussed the first issue earlier. If you execute a call on a recursive method carefully, using our model of execution, you will see that it works. Briefly, a new frame is created for each recursive call. We do this in the next lecture. DON’T try to understand a recursive method by executing its recursive calls! Use execution only to understand how it works.
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