Lecture 20-Sorting Algorithms

Lecture 20-Sorting Algorithms - CS1110 9 November 2010...

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1 CS1110 9 November 2010 insertion sort, selection sort, quick sort Do exercises on pp. 311-312 to get familiar with concepts and develop skill. Practice in DrJava! Test your methods! A5 times min 2 median 6 mean 6.5 max 19 hours number 2-3 14 4 26 5 19 6 34 7 16 10 12 11 02 15 01 18-19 02
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Comments on A5 Recursion : Make requirements/descriptions less ambiguous, clearer; give more direction. Need optional problem with more complicated recursive solution would have been an interesting challenge, more recursive functions. They make us think! Make task 5 easier. I could not finish it. Liked not having to write test cases! Needed too much help, took too long Add more methods; it did not take long Allow us to do recursive methods with loops rather than recursively. Good time drinking beer while watching the demo after I was done. I had intended here to erupt in largely incoherent rage over that wretched concept of recursion, which I came to hate like an enemy: like a sentient being who, knowing the difference between right and wrong, had purposely chosen to do me harm. However, I then figured out how it works, and it is
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Lecture 20-Sorting Algorithms - CS1110 9 November 2010...

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