Lecture 22-GUI - 16 Nov 2010 GUIS: Graphical User...

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1 1 16 Nov 2010 GUIS: Graphical User Interfaces Their mouse had a mean time between failure of … a week … it would jam up irreparably, or . .. jam up on the table-- . .. It had a flimsy cord whose wires would break. Steve Jobs: ". .. Xerox says it can't be built for < $400, I want a $10 mouse that will never fail and can be mass produced, because it's going to be the primary interface of the computer . .." ... Dean Hovey . .. came back, "I've got some good and some bad news. Good news: we've got a new project with Apple. Bad news: I told Steve we'd design a mouse for 10 bucks." ... year later . .. we … filed … and were granted a patent, on the electro- mechanical-optical mouse of today; . .. we ended up . .. [making] the mouse as invisible to people as it is today. Read Chap. 17 of the text. ProgramLive CD: a better way to learn about GUIs. See CD for examples of code. Steve Sachs interview on 1 st computer with GUI: Apple Lisa (about $9,999 in 1982). http://library.stanford.edu/mac/primary/interviews/sachs/trans.html 2 JFrame’s content pane South East West Center North Container cp= getContentPane(); JButton jb= new JButton(“Click here”); JLabel jl= new JLabel( “label 2”); cp.add(jb, BorderLayout.EAST); cp.add(jl, BorderLayout.WEST); pack(); setVisible( true ); Layout manager : An instance controls the placement of components. JFrame layout manager default : BorderLayout. BorderLayout layout manager: Can place 5 components: JFrameDemo.java 3 Putting components in a JFrame import java.awt.*; import javax.swing.*; /** Demonstrate placement of components in a JFrame. Use BorderLayout. It places five components in the five possible areas: (1) a JButton in the east, (2) a JLabel in the west, (3) a JLabel in the south, (4) a JTextField in the north, and (5) a JTextArea in the center. */ public class ComponentExample extends JFrame { /** Constructor: a window with title t and 5 components */
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Lecture 22-GUI - 16 Nov 2010 GUIS: Graphical User...

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