tranced essay - Unintentionally Tranced The Merrimack...

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Unintentionally Tranced The Merrimack Repertory Theater’s production of Bob Clyman’s “Tranced” starred Mark Zeisler as Philip, a celebrated psychiatrist who specializes in trancing, Zainab Jah as Azmera, a troubled African-American college student, David Adkins as Philip, a member of International Relations in Africa and Kimber Riddle as Beth, a very persistent news reporter. The production was a hit, with an extremely effective stage design, from the lighting to the sound effects and remarkable acting; the audience was captivated and in turn, unintentionally tranced. The productions director, Kyle Fabel, does a great job adding sounds of rushing water to emphasize the setting and mood of the play and added to the actors’ performances at the end, showing that Philip’s true home will always be the water. The director also does a great job with the lighting. Because Philip and Logan’s offices have to be on the same stage, and the stage is so small, the lighting is important. The way the director makes the lights dim on Logan’s office when it is a scene that takes place in Philip’s office and vice versa is extremely helpful and effective for people in the audience trying to follow the play. Philip starts the play telling of how he doesn’t have a home because he was born at sea, and then later on in the play he states that his office is his true home. His gestures throughout the play seen live at the Merrimack Repertory Theater, show that he feels detached from everyone else who knows where they come from and have a
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tranced essay - Unintentionally Tranced The Merrimack...

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