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Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette - Matney 1 Tyler Matney Kevin Cline...

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Matney 1 Tyler Matney Kevin Cline April 26, 2010 English 102-256 Marie Antoinette’s Battlefield of Glory “Courage! I have shown it for years; think you I shall lose it at the moment when my sufferings are to end?” Famous words from an independent, prominent, and courageous woman who at the age of 14 became Dolphine of France. When asked to research something that sparked my interest, it was no competition on what I wanted to research. Since high school, I wanted to know more about this woman’s life, her struggles, and what made her one of the most famous French Monarchs. And to take it a step further, I want to see how she impacted not only the past, but the future as well. Because of her reign, the French culture underwent a complete three-sixty. After doing thorough researching through many sources I began to get a personal understanding of her life and the struggles she was involved in. I must say, it wasn’t a fairytale ending! On November 2, 1755 Austrian Empress Maria Theresa gave birth to her fifteenth child, Marie Antoinette (Author Unknown , 02). Although Marie was different than most children her age because of her royal status, she still was friends with non-royal children which wasn’t normal or usually allowed at that time. It is said that Marie was privately schooled by her mother’s close friend, but some say that Marie was not as well educated as she should have been.
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Matney 2 At the age of twelve Marie was incapable of properly reading and writing at the level she should have been. At the age of 14, Marie’s mother planed a marriage with the prince of France Louis XVI who was also her second cousin. The reasoning was to hopefully better the Austrian empire due to France being such a large and dominant country (Reid , 09). At the age of 15 Marie Antoinette left everything she had, every person she knew, and even her beloved dog to marry the Prince of France. Four years later, Louis’ grandfather passed away by a stroke making Marie Antoinette Queen of France (Reid , 09). It was clear when King Louis XVI said “God help us, we are too young to reign”, that things were not taking a turn for the better. Marie received hard criticism for being a foreign queen by many which made things a bit difficult for her. She also disliked some of the ceremonies that must be carried out every day by order. The French felt that she was being very disrespectful to their culture, and wasn’t trying very hard to adapt.
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Marie Antoinette - Matney 1 Tyler Matney Kevin Cline...

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