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Week 2 Day 7 Team B Assignment - any bonuses that were paid...

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Huffman Trucking Co. Memo To: Department Managers From: Huffman Trucking CFO Date: November 22, 2010 Re: Strategic Plan & Budget Plan Each manager will be responsible for planning, implementing, and delegating the strategic plan in their department. The managers from each department; marketing, sales, operations and human resources will be responsible to attend quarterly meetings with the CFO, CEO and the Board of Directors to report their progress in their respected departments. The employees are to be expected to work within their department’s perspective budget. Marketing, sales, operations, and human resources will submit a budget with compensation and operating needs. Compensation should include employee salaries, past overtime hours and
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Unformatted text preview: any bonuses that were paid out. Operating expenses should include any materials or equipment that was purchased or leased and any service contracts for the maintenance of the equipment. The managers of each department must record any monies received and any monies being paid out. A statement of cash flows should be established and turned in each week to upper management. As stated, there will be quarterly meetings and these statements of cash flow will be presented at that time to the Board of Directors. Please include all receipts so expenses can be verified. 1...
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