M.T.A - the subsidies for the transit agency this year had...

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Dinesh Ghising Prof. Anne Hofmann Pub 1250 Topic: Mass transit in NY Oct 15 th 2010 Months After Cutbacks, M.T.A. Approves Higher Fares According to New York Times reporter, Michael M. Grynbaum, “The Metropolitan Transportation Authority approved a package of fare increases on Thursday for its subways, buses and commuter railroads…” This is the third time in three years that the people in New York will face an increase in the transportation costs. This has upset a lot of New Yorkers. The increase is due to take effect from December 30. According to the M.T.A, “the price of a 30-day metro card will rise by $15 to$104 a month, a 17 percent increase, and a single-ride ticket will go up 25 cents to $2.50”. These increases came after the authority approved severe service cuts that discounted bus and subway lines throughout the city. Even with all these the board members said it would be irresponsible not to raise fares as
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Unformatted text preview: the subsidies for the transit agency this year had been redirected. To his defense, Jay H. Walder, the authoritys chairman, said, We are not in a position to be able to avoid this increase. Since its introduction in 1998, the monthly Metro cards price has risen 65 percent, surpassing inflation. From my point of view, I think this strategy of increasing the fare by a straight 17% could be very harmful for the working class citizens. Even after service cuts and discontinued bus and subway lines, this increase is unjustifiable. With the present recession, people getting laid off, it is a difficult time to be increasing fares. Personally, I think it is getting scary because when people cannot afford to pay for these high prices, crime rates can and will go up. I feel that the M.T.A should reconsider on the raised fare....
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M.T.A - the subsidies for the transit agency this year had...

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