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EE110 Midterm Answer 1. (a) Isc = -j100/(100+j200) = -0.4-j0.2 (b) Voc = -j100(j100)/(100+j300) =10-j30 (c) Zn = Voc/Isc= 10+j70 2. Z_AB(s)=5R/(5+3sCR) Z_AB(jw)=5R/(5+j3wCR) 4. V_AB= 93.8 -j33.56 3. I = V*(s^2LC)/(s^2LCR+SL+R)
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Unformatted text preview: P(dissipated by R) =100W Real power =100 W Reactive power =100 VAR Regarding re-grading, write your point on a sheet of paper and turn in in class with the original one....
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