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Unformatted text preview: or a user setting up a new account of some sort) until one is given, or the user reaches the maximum guesses allowed. You must use a while-loop in your solution. You may assume that max_attempts is at least 1. 0 168 t ID: Tes : 16 80 ID st : Do wn lo ad er ID 29 85 Te def get_password (max_attempts): ’’’Prompt the user for a valid password until a valid one is given or they have entered max_attempts invalid passwords. A valid password is one that is at least length 6 and is not the word "password". Each time the user gives an invalid password, tell them that it was invalid and prompt again if they have not reached max_attempts tries. If the user gives max_attempts invalid passwords, return the empty string; otherwise return the valid password they gave’’’. Te st ID : 16 80 16 ade r ID: 298 5 ID: 2985 ID : Downl oader om nlo 80 Dow Te 2985 ader ID: Downlo st ID : y. c st 80 16 nlo Dow ad e r ID : de nt bu dd r ID: ade Do wn 5 lo 298 er ID: 2985 85 29 ID : er ad lo 0 Tes t ID: 168 :...
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