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Unformatted text preview: al to start. (In the meantime, please fill out the identification section above, and read the instructions below carefully.) ad ID : 16 80 Last (Family) Name(s): 85 : 16 : 29 ID 80 er ad lo wn Do Downl oader ID: 2985 UofT Student Buddy @ This test is copyrighted by the uploader and/or course instructor. Downloader id is shown and also encrypted throughout the document. Unauthorized reproduction/distribution is strictlyPage 1 prohibited. Solution (if any) is NOT audited, so use at your discretion. cont’d. . . 2985 ader ID: Downlo r ID: ade nlo Dow 5 298 : 80 16 ID st Te CSC 108H1Y JUNE 2009 Te Midterm Exam st ID 80 : 16 16 : 8 ID st Te 85 : 29 ID Question 1. er ad lo wn Do [5 marks] Dow nlo ade r ID: Complete the following function according to its docstring description. 298 5 def rep_chars (s, num): ’’’Return a string consisting of each character of s repeated num times. For example, rep_chars (’abc’, 2) returns aabbcc’’’ 80 : 16 ID st Te nlo ade r ID: 298 5 ID: 1680 Dow Test Do wn lo ad er ID : 29 80 85 85 29 : ID om er 16 ad lo wn Do wn lo...
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