Exam _1 Study Guide

Exam _1 Study Guide - penile erections scrotal sac...

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Exam # 1 Study Guide Chapter 4 ovulation: timing and cause breast cancer risk factors symptoms of PMS vulva clitoris hymens layers of the uterus ovaries lifespan of egg breast cancer, prevalence, death rates ovarian cancer, prevalence, death rates risks of cervical cancer variation in breast size dysmenorrhea endometriosis genital hygiene menopause female genital mutilation density of nerve endings in female genitalia amenorrhea functions of vaginal lubrication labia minora hysterectomy oopherectomy fimbriae corpus luteum sexuality and the menstrual cycle chronic vaginitis breast self exams urinary tract infections FSH, ICSH Chapter 5 composition of semen interstitial cells sperm production cryptorchidism path of sperm to outside of body prostate gland Cowper’s gland secretions
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treatment of prostate cancer
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Unformatted text preview: penile erections scrotal sac retrograde ejaculation testicular cancer phimosis circumcision penis size penis augmentation Kegel exercises for men penis Chapter 6 protracted resolution myotonia vasocongestion estrogen primary erogenous zones events of excitement phase events of plateau phase orgasmic platform subjective experiences of orgasm Grafenberg spot effects of aging on male sexual response cycle effects of aging on female sexual response cycle multiple orgasms testosterone in men and women response to visual erotica aphrodisiacs dopamine serotonin oxytocin anaphrodisiacs continued sexual responsivity in aging women estrogens and female sexual motivation nitcotine hypogonadism...
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Exam _1 Study Guide - penile erections scrotal sac...

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