Scope_of_the_Final_Exam - Econ 200, Autumn 2008,...

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Econ 200, Autumn 2008, Instructor: Darren Weng, Final Time: 12/9, Tuesday, 7:30-9:18. Scope of the Final Exam (a total of 45 multiple choice questions) Note: The distribution of the questions would be as follows: Chapter 1-7, 9, 10, 13: approximately a total of 15 questions Chapter 14, 15, 16: approximately 10 questions from each of these three chapters. -Ch.1 Ten Principles of Economics Review all of the ten principles. You could be asked to interpret any one of them. -Ch. 2 Think Like an Economist Circular-Flow Diagram PPF (interpret the graph) Opportunity cost calculation -Ch. 3 Gains from Trade Identify comparative/absolute advantages from a table or from a graph Identify and calculate gains from trade for two parties -Ch. 4 Supply and Demand Factors that affect supply and demand Shortage/surplus and the concept of market equilibrium Supply/demand shifters and describe equilibrium price/quantity changes -Ch. 5 Elasticity Determinants of elasticity
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Scope_of_the_Final_Exam - Econ 200, Autumn 2008,...

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