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9/29/2008 The Ohio State University Economics Department Autumn 2008 ECONOMICS 200 Principles of Microeconomics Instructor: Zhiquan(Darren) Weng Office: 304 Arps Hall Phone: 292-2839 Email: [email protected] Course call number: 07172-5 Location: Koffolt Lab 207 Meeting Time: T/R 7:30-9:18AM Office Hours: Mon 3-4pm, Thurs 1-2pm or by individual appointment Be sure to include Econ200 in the subject area in your email correspondence Course Description: This is an introductory course that teaches you how to look at the world through the lens of economics. During the course we will focus our attention on examining the behaviors of individuals and firms in the market and the implications of their choices, as well as developing economic principles and tools that can be liberally applied in other fields of study. In addition, we will explore the ramifications of government policies in the economic sphere, and analyze their effects on the market participants. The study of microeconomics should pay you dividend well into the future in that 1) you will understand the world around you much better, both as it is and how it should be; and 2) you will become a better decision-maker in your own economic life. The course is lecture-based, thus regular class attendance and note-taking are the best way to ensure understanding of the materials and success in this class. Required Materials: Text : Principles of Microeconomics , by N. Gregory Mankiw. Fourth Edition. Published by Thomson South-Western. S tudy Guide : Recommended but not required. Meantime, I plan to use Carmen to manage the course. Related class materials will be posted ahead of each class (usually the night before the next class), and students are responsible for browsing and downloading them and bringing them to class for note- taking. There will usually be an email alert when important course documents (e.g. sample exams, grades update) are due or are to be posted to Carmen. I have my finger crossed that the Carmen webpage will be operational before our second meeting next Tuesday.
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9/29/2008 Grading Schemes The carrots and sticks of the course will be furnished according to the following scheme: ¾ First of all, there will be no midterm for the course. However, read on before you get too excited.
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Syllabus - The Ohio State University Economics Department...

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