Cancer post Winter 2009

Cancer post Winter 2009 - ! Angiogenesis x Angio = x...

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Cancer Types : Tissue Cancer Type x Epithelial Tissue Carcinoma x Sarcoma x “Blood” Tissue Leukemia x Lymphoid Tissue Lymphoma x Nervous Glioma x What is the only Cell type not to have Cancer ? Terms x Carcinogenesis : Cancer Early Stages x All Cancers have this ! x Size with no Blood Supply ! x Cancer grows with new blood supply ! Terms x Metastasis : Area Codes (Adhesion) x Why do Liver cells all occur in the Liver ? x Once Cells “ Differentiate ” into a tissue type, they have identification markers ! x Differentiated cells have “ Area Codes ! x Cancer Cells Loose / Alter Their “Area Codes” (Adhesion Markers)
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Unformatted text preview: ! Angiogenesis x Angio = x Genesis = x Angiogenesis : Process by which a blood supply is grown specifically for the tumor . Anti-Angiogenic Drugs x The Primary Focus of new Cancer Treatments is Limiting / Reversing Angiogenesis. x Tumor size is limited by Blood Supply : Cut off Blood Supply -Kill / Limit Tumor. Lung . x Lethal : only 13% / 5 year survival rate. Breast x Breast Cancer ? 44,000 Deaths / year ! Mammogram Normal Abnormal Prostate x Prostate Cancer ? 41,000 Deaths / year ! Melanoma A : B : C : x Melanoma 8,000 Deaths / year !...
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Cancer post Winter 2009 - ! Angiogenesis x Angio = x...

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