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Study Guide Exam _ 3 - Study Guide Exam # 3 Chapter 7...

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Exam # 3 Chapter 7 characteristics of passionate love : - Generalized physiological arousal - Strong sexual desire - Intense psychological feelings - avoid conflict - Feelings of completeness - short-lived three components of Sternberg’s theory of love : - Passion, Intimacy, & Commitment are the three love components - Passion builds then fades, Intimacy and commitment contine to build - Intimacy alone= friendship Passion alone= infatuation Commitment alone= empty love Sternberg’s definition of intimacy : component of love encompasses the sense of being bonded with another person. Feelings of warmth, sharing, and closeness. Willingness to help the other and an openness to sharing private thoughts and feelings. consummate love: intimacy + passion + commitment. Fullest kind of love mere exposure effect – repeated exposure to novel stimuli tends to increase an individuals liking for such stimuli. Proximity - the geographic nearness of one person to another, which is an important factor in interpersonal attraction. Reciprocity – when someone shows they like us, we tend to like them back. results of Buss’s cross-cultural study on sex differences in partner preferences – men place greater value than women on mates who are both young and physically attractive. relationship between love and sex as viewed by men and women – men are more likely to define being in love. Easier for men than women to have sexual intercourse for pleasure. Both feel that good communication, commitment, and high quality of emotional and physical intimacy are key ingredients for loving relationships. sex differences in envy of romantic rivals - Women envy attractiveness and popularity. Men envy wealth and fame. characteristics of those who are jealous – low self esteem, High value on wealth and popularity. characteristics of long-term successful marriages - supportive communication, companionship, sexual expression and variety, seeing partner as best friend. Maintaining frequent positive interaction. characteristics of a lasting love relationship – self acceptance, acceptance by ones partner, appreciation of one onther, commitment, good communication, realistic expectations, shared interests, equality in decision making, ability to face conflict effectively. sexual variety – Communication is critical, be spontaneous (have sex in places other than bed), plan for intimate time, don’t worry about frequency “Standards” mutual empathy – The underlying knowledge that each partner in a relationship cares for the other and knows that the care is reciprocated. love neurotransmitters –
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Study Guide Exam _ 3 - Study Guide Exam # 3 Chapter 7...

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