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Study Guide Exam 4 - Study Guide Exam # 4 Chapter 12...

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Study Guide Exam # 4 Chapter 12 sexuality of infants – rubbing of gentials or pelvic thrusting against a doll or pillow. Can have but do not acknowledge vaginal lubrication or penis erection even orgasm. Unable to differentiate sensual to sexual pleasure. suggestions for reducing teen pregnancies – 1) Provide free or low cost contraceptives to all teens that want them. 2) Provide comprehensive sex education. 3) Stress the responsibility for contraception is shared. 4) Government should remove restrictions on condom ads, and condoms should be readily available in schools. effect of good communication with parents on teen sexuality – fewer sex partners, start later and less frequent, decrease risk of STD, more effective and constant use of contraceptives, decrease pregnancys childhood sex play – usually between ages of 4-7. Playing doctor, exposing each others genitals. Rubbing of gentials together. Can be same sex, or opposite sex. As children get older, becomes less same sex. teens preference for sex educators - parents factors associated with later onset of coitus – Religious Beliefs, maternal disapproval, higher socialeconomic status, good school performance. Parental disapproval, later onset to puberty, communication, higher intelligence HIV education and teen sexual behavior – most teens know the basic facts about AIDS, but feel they are not at risk of getting AIDS, therefore they do not alter their sexual behavior. effects of physical affection in infancy/childhood on later adult adjustment – children who were deprived of being held and touched during their first months or years can have difficulty establishing intimate relationships later in life. childhood masturbation – parents should tell there children it’s a private thing to do. Most children do this, but should not be criticized negatively. same-sex sex play – 4-7 earliest signs of puberty in males and females – growth of pubic hair and breast budding in girls. double standard among teens – boys encouraged to be sexually active and aggressive, while girls are sapossed to keep their virginity. Looked at like sluts. oral sex among teens – has risen dramaticly factors which influence racial & ethnic differences in rates of coitus among teens. Blacks and Mexicans are usually poorer and less affluent than whites and sexual activity is more common in poorer or less affluent areas. homosexuality and teens – our society is not very accepting, hard for teens to come out when they are forced to “fit in”. Often bullied and harrased, not many people to turn to. hazards associated with teen pregnancy –
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Study Guide Exam 4 - Study Guide Exam # 4 Chapter 12...

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