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Assessment Activity - questions were answered with honesty...

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Check Point: Skills Assessment Activity I have come across these types of tests in the past as a part of a pre-employment type of screening. Although I have never seen one during my time with any employers I think they could be used to assess how an employee feels about their job or coworkers. As most people I would like to think that any person given this test would answer the questions with honesty but such is not always the case especially when these types of test and how they are answered can have an effect on a person’s employment status. It would be next to impossible to determine if the
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Unformatted text preview: questions were answered with honesty or if the test taker gave the answers the he or she thought the employers wanted to hear. The validity of such a test would be dependent on honesty as well. I think that this could be a good way for employers to assess their employees strengths and weaknesses which can give good indication to what tasks or projects in the work place that some might excel at or give the employer better insight into what employees would benefit the most from working together to accomplish their tasks....
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