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Bill Henderson / HSM 270 Check Point: Alternative Funding There are all sorts of alternative funding ideas that could work well for the PEACE Domestic Violence Agency. Fundraisers are a good way to not only raise money for the agencies programs but also raise awareness for the issue of domestic violence. While fundraisers do sometimes cost some money up front the funds that they bring in could be well worth the risk. There are various different options with fundraisers such as; a car wash, bake sales, prize raffles, or events and shows that allow for ticket sales to go to the agencies programs. Donations are another good way to raise funds, however in order to get a enough donations to make a difference in the programs awareness of the issue needs to be raised. To raise awareness
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Unformatted text preview: for the problem or target population the agency could seek an audience with various religious organizations in the community as well as the local city council. Presenting the issue to these types of audiences can help raise awareness and in turn boost donations to the agency. The agency should be open to all sorts of donations not just monetary donations. Anything of value that is donated to the agency can be stored and use at a later date at some sort of garage or yard sale. If funding allows for it, it could be a good funding source for the agency to rent a small commercial space and use it to sell donated items, like a thrift store. This would provide a steady source of funds for programs to continue or expand....
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