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Check Point Grant Proposals

Check Point Grant Proposals - -Activity plans and...

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Check Point: Grant Proposals A grant proposal as it pertains to the human service industry is a written presentation of a program plan. A grant proposal’s function and purpose is to persuade those with grants to award to give an organization grant funding so the organization can fund its programs. The grant proposal should identify the issue of problem within the community and include a proposed course of actions to help remedy the problem. The main portion of the grant proposal should include the major sections such as: -Abstract -Table of Contents -Specific aims/background and significance/needs and problem statement -Target population -Approaches and methods -Long term and short term goals -Process, outcome, and impact objectives
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Unformatted text preview: -Activity plans and scheduling (timeline)-Evaluation plan-Agency capacity and project management-Budget and budget justifications In the case of grant proposals, the main purpose of the document is to apply for grant programs for funding. Usually a grant proposal will consist of components such as; goals and objectives, available resources, required budget, project activities and an evaluation plan. In addition grant proposals will have to meet the requirements of the organization that provides the grant funds. The function and purpose of a grant proposal is to secure funds for an agency or organization to provide services to the community that will improve upon the targeted problems in society....
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Check Point Grant Proposals - -Activity plans and...

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