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Grants in Human Services - have alternate means for getting...

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Check Point: Grants in Human Services Grants can play several roles when it comes to the human service field. Most human service programs receive a number of grants which allows the organization to provide programs, services and allow them to do other things that goes beyond those provided by local dollars or donations. Many of the grants awarded to programs are ongoing and can be renewed for multiple years. Grants are an essential part of human service organizations because they provide monetary support to the organizations to do such things as; launch new programs, purchase equipment, start fund raising programs, retain and acquire staff members and publish collateral material. Many organizations rely on grant funding more than others to do these types of things and without grants would not be able to sustain their programs and services. Some organizations
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Unformatted text preview: have alternate means for getting funds. There are a few in my home town that have thrift stores and use the profits from the sales to help run various programs. The grant recipient can carry out a public purpose of support or stimulation authorized by a law. The grantors are usually foundations or businesses who wish to see non-profits and human service organizations become sustainable. Grant proposals are written by staff at the organization and submitted to granting organizations such as foundations and large corporations that award grants to local organizations. Grants are vital to every human service program no matter how large of small an organization or program may without grants most would have to stop their operations....
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