Program Improvement Opportunities

Program Improvement Opportunities - short falls. It is...

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Check Point: Program Improvement Opportunities There are several ways in which the program planning and program evaluations can opportunities for improvements to programs. Short term goals being set can give those involved in the programs a good sense of what needs to be done for the program to reach them. Those involved will also be able to tell if the program is falling short of the goals and make the necessary adjustments where they are needed. Meeting the short term goals is crucial for any program if they intend to meet the programs long term goals and mission. Evaluation methods such as staff and client surveys are another good way to find out what (if any) are the programs
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Unformatted text preview: short falls. It is important to get the opinion of those staff members or volunteers that are either in charge of delivering the services or are providing the services themselves. It is these people that would have the first hand knowledge of any parts of the program that may not be operating at its full or expected capacity. Funders of programs need to be kept in the loop about the programs so that they know that their funds are being used to the best of their ability and funders need to know about what is going on with programs so that if possible they can provide more funds to expand upon those services that are either working extremely well or need to be expanded....
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