Project-Wide or Objective-Oriented Evaluations

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Check Point: Project-Wide or Objective-Oriented Evaluations I selected the PEACE domestic violence agency scenario from appendix b. This program aims to reduce victim trauma, empower survivors and promote recovery through direct services. The program is also committed to reducing the incidence of sexual assault and domestic violence through education. For this program I would employ an objective oriented evaluation plan because of the multiple goals that the program wants to achieve for the clients. Each client will need to have a few issues addressed such as; dealing with the trauma of their situation, ensuring the client is secure and will not return to the same environment and other issues like self esteem. Given the
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Unformatted text preview: many issues that the clients might need to have addressed with direct services or education I think that an objective oriented evaluation plan would benefit the program more and give the program better insight into the areas of the program that need to be addressed or are not working as well as they could. Before any long term goals can be met a series short term of objectives must be met and evaluating these smaller objectives would allow the program to make any changes in a timely manner which in turn would ensure that the long term goals are met on or before schedule....
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