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Check Point: Collaborative Fund-Raising Activity Grants would be the first method I would try for funding this program. There are all sorts of grants available to programs such as this one. I know that here in north Idaho there are several big businesses around that have grant money for all sorts of community programs. Companies such as; Wal-mart, Avista (local power company), K-mart and other businesses have money set aside for community programs. Grants are ideal but can take some time to acquire and can be very competitive. Fundraisers such as bake sales, car washes and benefits are another good way to raise both funds and awareness. These type events can be a good source for funds but often do require a
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Unformatted text preview: little spending up front for materials and advertising. Fundraisers can be a bit hit or miss, however, with proper planning this method works well. Donations are always great for funding but can be hard to get during tough economic times such as these. Awareness is key for this method of fund procurement to be effective. The community needs to be aware of the issue or problem and the community also need to have accurate information about the issue. We all see homeless people here and there but many of us are unaware of just how large of a number of homeless actually reside in our communities....
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