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Check Point: Cost Per Output and Cost Per Outcome Response Factoring the cost per output and cost per outcome is a valuable asset for human service organizations. This is a crucial step for organizations budgeting because it allows them to; predict the budget of specific programs, serves as a way to estimate the number of clients programs will be able to accommodate, serves as a guide for how often services can be provided, and helps to guide the organizations pricing for services. Some human service organizations provide free or subsidized services to clients, these organizations often have huge demand for their services. Due to constraints on budgets these organizations can only provide a limited
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Unformatted text preview: number of clients with services. By calculating the dollar amount of programs and services per unit (i.e. visit, hour or meal) organizations can identify a specific range or the extent in terms of the number of clients the organization will be able to serve. If an organization were to not implement the cost per output and cost per outcome in their budgeting the clients can suffer from a loss of services and the organization could easily spend more money than it has for programs. This could cause a program to exhaust its funds and can ultimately lead to the organizations failure....
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