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Capstone Check Point hsm 270

Capstone Check Point hsm 270 - organizations target group...

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Bill Henderson / HSM 270 Capstone Check Point When putting together all the elements of a program for service delivery for any human service organization the mission must be taken into account, the same holds true for all organizations both large and small. If any parts of the programs design fails to meet the overarching mission of the organization it cannot be effective with helping the organization as a whole meet its goals and will hold the organization back funding wise. The planning process for program elements should focus directly on the target population that the program was intended to serve. With proper planning and qualified personnel helping to design programs, benefits will meet the expected outcomes for all the members of the
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Unformatted text preview: organizations target group. Any programs or parts there of that fail to meet the organizational goals should be identified through evaluation. Carefully constructed guidelines and proper staff training should help to eliminate poor program planning and design. The mission should serve as a vision statement that can help to guide the organization throughout the years and keep them on track. Careful consideration and planning allow a program to rise to the top of the evaluation process when applies for funding and grants. This planning is evident in the expertise with which the proposal conveys the critical thinking applied at all levels of the organization....
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