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Eisenhower’s Politics

Eisenhower’s Politics - ship goods to...

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Check Point: Eisenhower’s Politics Eisenhower took a unique approach to handle the economy. Promoting a stable economy, Eisenhower fought to balance the budget. He cut government spending in the defense budget post Korean War and increased social security for Americans. The Eisenhower administration also was responsible for the interstate system which was one of the largest projects the government had ever taken on. This added to the upswing of the economy by making it easier to
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Unformatted text preview: ship goods to places that might not otherwise get them or get them as fast. Eisenhower’s success with the economy was due to his willingness to work in a bi-partisan way to some degree. He would much rather make a deal than waste time locked in a debate about an issue. Eisenhower worked with the Democratic Party on issues that he thought would help the American people achieve personal success and like him it or not his strategy for the economy worked well....
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