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Final Project Case Study For the final assignment I chose the case study of Jennifer. I can sympathize with Jennifer on so many levels that I can understand her stress level. She has so much on her plate both at home; work, in her personal life, and trying to conceive a child with her husband. She has the stress of Antonio’s mother asking her if she is expecting again which has to be painful all in itself because she is having trouble conceiving. She is at a point in her life where she would like to be able to lean on her mother for support but she does not have that option because her mother passed away. Her father being sick and the possibility of having to place him in a home is a stressor too. My husband and I want to have another child but we were told not to have anymore when I delivered my son in 2006. Working, school, home life, and being physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually exhausted is enough to push anyone to their breaking point. 1. What are the causes of stress in Michael’s or Jennifer’s life? How is stress affecting Michael’s or Jennifer’s health? a. In Jennifer’s case there are a number of stressors in her life. She is working a job that requires a lot of her attention and time. She is not only working but having to commute an hour each way to get to work. She and her husband have been trying to conceive for over a year and have not been able to. She lost a child eight months ago, two months into the pregnancy. Her father is sick and she has to face the possible fact that she may have to admit him into a home against his wishes. Her mother passed away two years ago which has to be hard on her being that she is trying to start a family but has not been able to. Her in-laws keep asking Jennifer if she is expecting trying to encourage her to focus on her next pregnancy. The stress that Jennifer is under seems to be causing her body to break down. She has been complaining of headaches, backaches, and indigestion for six months or longer. She has been to the doctor several times but the doctors have not been able to find anything wrong. The pain she is having seems to be increasing although the doctors cannot find anything physically wrong with her. The fact that she is under so much stress is causing her body to break down and feel pain. Perhaps if she were not under so much stress her body would not be reacting in the way that it is. 2. How are these stressors impacting Michael or Jennifer’s self-concept and self-esteem? a. Jennifer’s self-concept is being influenced negatively by the stressors in her life. She is overwhelmed and has so much going on in her life that she is questioning every role she carries in her life. Her self-esteem is being affected greatly in a negative way because of the stress she is under. Jennifer insists she is happy and not feeling stressed, yet she finds herself making more mistakes at work, unable to keep up with the housework, and feeling tired and overwhelmed; she has begun to question her effectiveness as an employee, wife,
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psy-210 final rd - Final Project Case Study For the final...

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