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Human Growth and Development 1 Running head: HUMAN GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT Human Growth and Development [Author’s Name] [Institution’s Name]
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Human Growth and Development 2 Human Growth and Development The role played by one’s parents in the development of his or her personality is the most vital one than any other factors. Parents are in fact the role models; they can take you towards a whole success and they can also lead you towards a total failure in your career. And the role played by my parents is also influential and I am, right now, quite justified to assert that whatever I am is the outcome of a brilliant role played by both my beloved father and mother. Personality psychologists have long sought to generate a taxonomy of personality traits developed by one’s parents that would provide an integrative framework for personality research. This search for the basic building blocks of personality as developed by parents has led many researchers down a contentious and often confusing path, plagued by methodological maelstroms such as determining the number of factors needed to account for personality ratings and
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1454721_Human_Growth_and_Development - Human Growth and...

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