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World Health Organization 1 Running head: WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION World Health Organization [Author's Name] [Institution's Name]
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World Health Organization 2 World Health Organization An emerging issue in discussions of World Health Organization's future is what role international law should have in WHO's global public health mission. WHO intensify its relationships with NGOs on international law, the vertical relationship between WHO and NGOs should undergo changes. Public-private partnerships provide the foundation for global public policy, and such partnerships between international organizations and NGOs could also support the development of global health jurisprudence. Deepening the vertical relationship between WHO and NGOs does not imply, however, that the state has become irrelevant to the pursuit of global public health. The state remains central to public health because public health problems require central governmental authorities to deliver services and conduct disease surveillance within specific territories. Infectious disease control cannot, for example, be handled through neo-medievalism in which power is decentralized into the hands of supra-state actors and sub- state actors that form global networks through new information technologies, Slaughter's argument that "private power is still no substitute for state power" is particularly apt in the public health context. The purpose of deepening the vertical relationship between the WHO, NGOs, and NGO networks is not only to assist the WHO, but also to place additional pressure on states to improve their public health policies, laws, and practices. International legal challenges will come WHO's way if certain provisions in the proposed
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1974953_World_Health_Organization- - World Health...

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