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Self Directed Learning 1 Running head: SELF DIRECTED LEARNING Self Directed Learning [Author’s Name] [Institution’s Name]
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Self Directed Learning 2 Self Directed Learning Learning though one’s own self-direction is it self a healthy practice but I think this can lead to rather dangerous consequences if not properly guided by a learned person that may be a teacher, an educator or an experienced person. Self directed learning gives self-sufficiency and confidence. Though, no one is exempt from making a mistake but at least a try to do his or her own is itself an achievements for everyone. The social and cultural backgrounds of most of the people likely to read this volume would probably lead them to assume that the desire to be an autonomous and effectual individual is a human universal. They might, therefore, readily conclude that the the historical and social--structural determinants of concern over self-direction and efficacy--is a non-question. Being an independent and efficacious individual has been the goal of only
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2129981_Self_Directed_Learning - Self Directed Learning...

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