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Study Guide Exam_2

Study Guide Exam_2 - Study Guide Exam 2 Chapter 1 relative...

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Study Guide Exam # 2 Chapter 1 relative contribution of biology, social conditioning, psychology and anthropology to sexuality historical figures in sexuality: those who are “pro” and those who are “con” sexual rights as outlined in prologue: 1) Right to sexual freedom 2) The right to sexual autonomy, sexual integrity, and safety on the sexual body 3) the right to sexual privacy 4) The right to sexual equity 5) The right to sexual pleasure 6) The right to emotional sexual expression 7) Right to sexually associate freely 8) to make free and responsible reproductive choices 9) right to sexual information based upon scientific inquiry 10) right to comprehensive sexual education 10) right to sexual heal care sexual intelligence – understanding oneself sexually and having interpersonal skills and integrity emphasis on penile-vaginal intercourse Some look at oral sex as sex. Others believe it isn’t. Internet usage and sexuality key historical events that changed gender roles in 20 th century : WWI, women voting, movies- sex symbols. Great depression. WWII. Playboy made sex recreation. 60s and 70s – feminism and sexual revolution. Contraceptives legalized. 73’ homosexuality no longer a mental disorder. 80s first AIDS diagnosis. sexuality in China Taoism accepted sexuality and promoted it. Untill Confucianism and the communist era in 1949 – sex before marriage was looked down upon, even holding hands. This led to hardly any STDs. Not until recently has their view changed and people are starting to have sex younger. generalization re influence of religion on sexuality varies from religion to religion. As generations become more Americanized, they tend to adapt and veer away from elders.
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