4571198-Theater-Response Paper

4571198-Theater-Response Paper - Authors Last Name [Authors...

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Author’s Last Name 1 [Author’s Name] [Professor’s Name] [Course title] [Date] Theater-Response Paper Society now seems to be dividing more and more into autonomous groups, without a status-based order of relationships: Life style and taste are acquired increasingly by individuals themselves and seem to be less and less determined by the social group in which one is born. Social approval disbelief support within social networks of peer groups is more important for reading suspension of disbelief than the presupposed increasing effect of status. These social networks can be considered segments of society based on lifestyles. In addition to sociological factors, Dijkstra underscored the more personal factors to explain reading suspension of disbelief. In a broader sense, it seems important to study sociological variables in combination with psychological variables to explain cultural suspension of disbelief also admitted that a spectator visits the theater , for example, because it fulfills suspension
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4571198-Theater-Response Paper - Authors Last Name [Authors...

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