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Author’s Last Name 1 [Author’s Name] [Professor’s Name] [Course title] [Date] The Unredeemed Captive: A Family Story from Early America by John Putnam Demos The Unredeemed Captive: A Family Story from Early America by John Putnam Demos is a classic example of adjusting oneself into new rather imposed social settings. Civil War America presented pacifists, especially in the North, with an agonizing dilemma, for many of them had been in the forefront of the antislavery movement. How could they refrain from support of the Unionist war effort without betraying their antislavery past? On the other hand, how could they participate in war without abandoning their pacific principles and belief in nonviolence? The Unredeemed Captive was a brilliant attempt to pull together both an interesting story with many historical facts. I ultimately believe that Demo’s main purpose in writing this piece was to write a story. This book, I believe is about finding your self identity and where you belong through different life experiences and situations. From John Williams being held captive, and going back to Puritanism when released to Eunice whom stayed with the Indians her whole life, the book shows many viewpoints from different individuals.
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Author’s Last Name 2 (directessays.com) For the peace sects of colonial America the outbreak of the War of the Revolution in 1775 brought a time of troubles such as they had not hitherto experienced. Yet the penalties they had to pay to uphold their pacifist convictions proved perhaps not so extreme as one might have expected in a period when partisan passions rose on each side and rival armies marched through the land. The Unredeemed Captive shows the path of abduction and adoption of American settlers by Indians. The book starts in 1704. The Mohawk Indians are allied with the French in Canada and attack Deerfield, a small village in Massachusetts. Reverend John Williams, the minister from Deerfield, was the main target for captivity because Boston held Jean-Baptiste Gayen whom the Canadians wanted returned. Two of Williams’ children were murdered the night of the raid and the minister along with his wife and other children were marched to Canada with the rest of the Deerfield captives. (directessays.com) The armed conflicts of the 18th century between the English colonies in North America and the French settlements that stretched into Canada were fought with the support of Native American allies. Demos, a Yale history professor draws on primary source material to provide a perceptive analysis of the
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