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6485879_Human_Growth_and_Development - Human Growth and...

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Human Growth and Development 1 Running head: HUMAN GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT Human Growth and Development [Author’s Name] [Institution’s Name]
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Human Growth and Development 2 Human Growth and Development When talking about parental role in shaping up children’s lives one should always keep in mind that our understanding of childhood and the social roles of children has changed dramatically over the past century. Children are shaped by the culture in which they grow, and American children do not all begin with the same chances for success. What parents bring to the job of nurturing their children's development, especially in the early years, is recognized as a critical influence, but so too are political forces, practical economics, and implicit ideological commitments to children and their families. My own experience says much about the significance of both of my parents rile in my development both physically and mentally. Though process of physical development mostly depends on what a child is being provided in his or her meal but psychological development is far intricate and sensitive issue. I would rather say I am quite fortunate for having such great parents as I have been provided both physical and psychological wellbeing throughout my childhood and adolescence. In fact, parents can affect their children through at least three different mechanisms. The most obvious, and the one easiest both to imagine and to measure, involves the consequences of direct interactions with the child that could be recorded on film. For example, a mother praises a
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6485879_Human_Growth_and_Development - Human Growth and...

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