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7741475_Human_Growth_and_Development - Human Growth and...

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Human Growth and Development 1 Running head: HUMAN GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT Human Growth and Development [Author’s Name] [Institution’s Name]
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Human Growth and Development 2 Human Growth and Development After checking my life expectancy ratio at life expectancy calculator at MSN, I need a more work in total revamp of my existing life style. Life expectancy is the number of years that somebody of a given age is expected to live. And for me is even more true as the calculator has warned me of using more chocolate and sugar-filled stuff. Along with increasing sugar level, I also got some admonitions on the cholesterol level that might shoot up if I keep eating the fast food regularly. Thus, I need to revise the whole diet patterns. A major difficulty in studying healthy aging is the definition of health itself, which affects both the frequency and predictors of the outcome. (Belloc NB. 1973) Building on studies of death and survivorship,( Breslow L, Enstrom JE. 1980) Benfante and coworkers used the logic that factors predicting staying alive and free of major clinical disease could provide a meaningful basis for prevention. (Benfante R, Reed D, Brody JA.
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7741475_Human_Growth_and_Development - Human Growth and...

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