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Smoking in Cars 1 Smoking in Cars Parents are understandably and justifiably concerned about negative effects of smoking and other drug usages on children. Alcohol, cocaine, heroin, marijuana, and cigarettes are some examples of the multiple dangers awaiting our youth in the outside world. In my opinion, there should be a strict ban on smoking in cars especially in presence of children. In other case, children will not only be the first victim of its dangers but their behaviors will also be badly affected due to this practice. A primary consideration is to avoid the network of associations that cue the behavior. The adolescent may light that first cigarette to conform to a peer group of smokers, as well as to convey an image of sophistication and adult behavior. Generalization to other situations rapidly follows. Smoking becomes not only appropriate within the peer group but also to impress strangers, aid concentration, alleviate boredom, provide solace when
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