8357715-Discovery about Yourself as a Writer

8357715-Discovery about Yourself as a Writer - Authors Last...

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Author’s Last Name 1 [Author’s Name] [Professor’s Name] [Course titled] [Date] Discovery about Yourself as a Writer In my childhood, I discovered a hidden writer within myself that started emerging as I was crossing my teen years. During this, I got to know the difference between people who can write and those who cannot. How did we learn all the conventions of composition and transcription that we know the incorrect as well as the correct? A facile answer comes to mind; we learn to write by writing. I have been tempted to make this argument myself; especially since I have long held the view that we learn to read by reading. But we just do not do enough writing; certainly most students do not, to account for the extensive facility that even mediocre and unenthusiastic writers are able to demonstrate. I am not saying that the act of writing is not important for developing fluency; obviously we can and often must learn by attempting to write something and having the errors we have made corrected. But correction when it comes is usually delayed and may be very sketchy; a few misspellings or grammatical errors are pointed out. And there is little evidence that students pay much attention to a teacher's annotations of work they hope they have finished with. This is not because I think writing requires a great deal of intelligence or a special kind of aptitude; there is no evidence to support any such view. Rather, it might seem that the ability to read and write makes us very much brighter than we otherwise would be. But writing encompasses familiarity with so many conventions in so many areas--in spelling, punctuation, vocabulary, grammar, cohesion, discourse structure, and register-that one wonders how anyone
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8357715-Discovery about Yourself as a Writer - Authors Last...

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