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Literature and Community 1 Running head: LITERATURE AND COMMUNITY Literature and Community [Author’s Name] [Institution’s Name]
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Literature and Community 2 Literature and Community The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka is carefully organized around Gregor's repetitive enclosures and escapes--protect against but do not camouflage the horrors of Gregor's insect existence. And yet unconsciously responding to the defensive stratagems of the text or attempting to fend off Gregor's fictional presence, a number of interpreters have likewise veered away from Gregor's situation, focusing attention instead on the sociological, political, philosophical, or religious implications of Kafka's narrative or on its linguistic puzzles or structural features. Other critics, reacting affectively to Gregor's plight, have reproduced in their criticism the angry substructures of this text which originated in Kafka's conflict with his family and his feelings of deep self-rejection. Such critics variously accuse Gregor, his family, or his exploitative
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8536837_Literature_and_Community - Literature and Community...

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