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Author’s Last Name 1 [Author’s Name] [Professor’s Name] [Course title] [Date] Ethical issues in "Financier" by Theodore Dreiser The Financier and The Titan as written by Theodore Dreiser depict that living in society is like living in the jungle and scarcely twenty years after insist that society is not and should not be a jungle? These are some of the questions to which the book should suggest an approach. If it succeeds, then perhaps it will serve as a wedge for those who wish to enter the realm of final judgments. Since Dreiser's problem was solely a financial one this time, however, it was far more easily solved than his former psychological ones, and when Dreiser called on Richards the following day, Richards, finding that Dreiser had overestimated the costs of a European tour, evolved a solution agreeable to Dreiser. He went to friends of his at the Century Company and proposed they commission Dreiser to write for the Century Magazine three articles on Europe which might eventually be expanded into book length, and at the same time he directed Dreiser to ask Harper's for an advance on The Financier. The result was that on November 18 Century sent Dreiser a check for
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Author’s Last Name 2 a thousand dollars for three articles and the option on any book he might write about his trip, and Harper's, upon his depositing with them the first part of his manuscript, agreed to advance him two thousand dollars on The Financier and five hundred dollars against the earnings of Jennie Gerhardt. In addition Harper's prepared to reissue Sister Carrie. When Richards suggested to Dreiser that even the Nobel Prize was now within
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41964441Ethical_issues_in_Financier_by_Theodore_Dreiser -...

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