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Animal Rights 1 Running head: ANIMAL RIGHTS Animal Rights [Author’s Name] [Institution’s Name]
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Animal Rights 2 Animal Rights It is not surprising, then, that the specific question of whether animals have rights is even more problematic. Animals do have moral and natural rights and that they should have legal rights extended to them as well. The significance of the argument that animals have rights is that it challenges the notion that potentially beneficial consequences to human beings are the only bases for judging appropriate behavior toward animals, both in science and in other settings. Possession of rights accords greater protection to rights holders than what they might have without rights. First, the most basic way in which rights can be understood in regard to animals is to say that animals can be wronged. Of course, it is possible to assert this without resorting to rights language, as, for example, those might do who believe that our obligations to animals are just treating them with kindness and abstaining from cruelty. However, arguing from the perspective of rights puts a stronger foundation under the notions of kindness and absence of cruelty; it states in a much more emphatic way that there are restrictions on what we can do with and to animals and that these restrictions arise from something within the nature of the animals themselves. Second, arguing for animal rights means that our duties to animals are direct rather than indirect. Rights and duties are typically reciprocal, so that if we say that a creature has rights,
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Animal_Rights - Animal Rights Running head: ANIMAL RIGHTS 1...

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