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Goal Statement 1 Running head: GOAL STATEMENT Goal Statement [Author’s Name] [Institution’s Name]
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Goal Statement 2 Goal Statement Talking about oneself may be an easier task for others but for me it is not that easy. And the reason is very simple. Most of the time talking about oneself comes out as a bombastic display of prolonged self-praise. In fact, I am a man of actions that’s why a clever use of words can not serve the very purpose especially for me. But, in this essay I will try to depict my whole picture in blank and white with its all willingness and ambitions in my particular field of interest. Honestly speaking, learning is lifetime process and the real student is someone who is all time receptive for knowledge and education coming through different academic and non-academic channels. Honestly speaking, it gives me an immense pleasure that I am student, a true knowledge-seeker. Simply, my goal is to use this Masters degree in Computer Information Systems with specialization in Security. After posing MSCIS program with flying colors, I will go to obtain a position in the Dept. of Homeland Security. The prime purpose of these aforementioned goals is very straightforward as being a patriotic in nature, I feel myself indebted to serve my
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5923286__Goal_Statement__Revised - Goal Statement Running...

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