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3262867__A_Surprising_Coincidence_ - A Surprising...

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A Surprising Coincidence 1 Running head: A SURPRISING COINCIDENCE A Surprising Coincidence [Author’s Name] [Institution’s Name]
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A Surprising Coincidence 2 A Surprising Coincidence In fact, everybody in this world thinks of becoming rich. I am also no exception. Thinking day and night upon fulfilling this dream has become a favorite pastime for me. It was someday before when I was having a window-shopping at local bookstore where I got a wonderful book to study on my favorite subject. And the topic of the book is how to become rich. And the author is no one but Napoleon Hill who has really put everything is this wonderful book to direct his readers to a right path towards making his dreams come true. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is the most influential self-help book ever written. Two decades after that, he collaborated with W. Clement Stone in Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude. In both works, Hill articulated his success strategy which included: (1) choice of a definite goal to be obtained, (2) development of sufficient power to attain one's goal, (3) perfection of a practical plan for attaining one's goal, (4) accumulation of specialized knowledge necessary for the attainment of one's goal, and (5) persistence in carrying out the plan.
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3262867__A_Surprising_Coincidence_ - A Surprising...

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