appendix H (2) - 12 A I say this because it is normally...

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Axia College Material Appendix H Comprehensive Grammar CheckPoint Answer Form Enter the correct answer for each item by typing either a or b in the second column. Provide an explanation for each choice in the Rationale column. The boxes expand to accommodate your text. Item Correct Answer (a or b) Rationale 1. B The correct subject verb agreement 2. B It sounds correct when I say it 3. A “Is” is not a proper in this use of the sentance 4. B Became is the proper word usage 5. A Took is not proper English in this sentance 6. B Laid is proper because it is past tence 7. B This sentence is proper because of the proper tence 8. A Using have is the appropriate tence for the sentance 9. B This is correct because of the writer using past tense 10. A It seems right 11. B This is the correct sentance
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Unformatted text preview: 12. A I say this because it is normally more than one 13. B This is the correct form due to it being unbiased 14. B That is correct because using it as an inatimate object COM 150 15. B Using their instead of his as an unbiased vernecular 16. A Using there is better than a having a specific gender 17. B It is better use of the words 18. B Proper English is I not me 19. A Proper English is she 20. A The proper wording is using she and not her 21. B Using whom is the proper wording 22. B Whom is the proper terminology 23. A Who is proper when it is written in a third person form 24. B I would use this when I describe the accident 25. B This is a more condensed form and it makes more sense to read it COM 150...
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appendix H (2) - 12 A I say this because it is normally...

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