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assignment week 4 (2)

assignment week 4 (2) - salaries” is for the the...

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Wrestling's Dirty Secret By  Eric Cohen , About.com Guide retrived from  http://prowrestling.about.com/od/whatsrealwhatsfake/a/wrestlersdeaths.htm WWE salaries retrived from  http://www.24wrestling.com/index.php?id=salaries Barry W. Blaustein,  Director. (1999) Beyond the Mat (motion Picture) United States: English These three references are from material that I have on my brain storming “Wrestlings  dirty little secret” is the information for the list of wrestlers dead by the age of 65. “WWE 
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Unformatted text preview: salaries” is for the the supporting factor of too much too fast. The video of Barry W. Blaustein’s Beyond the Mat is a general look on the behind the scenes of the wrestling industry from the good to the ugly and it documents a few wrestlers trials and tribulations....
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  • Spring '10
  • wrestling, Barry W. Blaustein, http://prowrestling.about.com/od/whatsrealwhatsfake/a/wrestlersdeaths.htm WWE salaries

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