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check point 12-10 (2)

check point 12-10 (2) - programs like the grammar programs...

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The way that I normally write is I do a brain storm inside my head and then just go from there  and just roll with what comes normally I can drop a good three hundred word essay out of it.  Now this way that I am reading about is way easier and a lot more organized and possably  easier for the instructor to read and follow. The easiest process for me in is the pre writing step.  The free writing, brain storming and cluster writing is basically the same thing that I was doing  the whole time. Some of the hardest things for me to do is the whole editing thing. If not for 
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Unformatted text preview: programs like the grammar programs of Microsoft office and write point I believe that I would be lost. It is a little difficult for me to write with perfect grammar and normally when I get into a groove of typing there is a lot of spelling and grammatical errors. As good as they are they don’t always get all of it. To help me get over it is perhaps slowing down and taking a little more time and spelling it out. Going through the grammar guide and do the skill and drills until I get a little better ....
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