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The essays that I am writing about use examples facts and evidence to explain their concept  and theories. All of the essays have been presented in a non biased manor. The types of  organization that the authors use for their respective essays are as followed, for setting the table  the author uses an informative or more of a how to style. The essay involves a step-by-step  process, with steps arranged in their natural order. The author for cochlear implants uses a time  order, chronological and sequential order. This type of expository development arranges the  information to a specific date and time.   The author of “Setting the Table” chose the informative  process of organization for the essay because the type of information it contained the 
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Unformatted text preview: informative process was the best way to explain the examples and opinions. The author of “Cochlear Implants” chose time order as the organization process for this essay because it contained information from different periods in time. It also contained chronological information about the author’s experiences. These essays are similar to each other in the fact that they both are informative and they both go on to describe a process. How they differ is that one is like a how to and the other is more of a history of. “Setting the Table” – “Cochlear Implants” –
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