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Topic that I have selected to discuss: A Healthful diet and regular exercise will not only improve health but lower health costs. Seeing that this topic is science to its core there is no other suitable approach that I would take rather than using facts, figures, and process analysis. By incorporating figures into my essay it will allow my audience some visual illustrations for good measure. I do believe in order to properly assemble an expository essay on this subject; you must have numerous body paragraphs in order to educate your audience to the fullest. The type of paragraph I would recommend would be to use paragraphs built on facts, data, and other relevant details. Avoiding any bias material would be crucial at this point. I would rather take the route of going into detail on the
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Unformatted text preview: many different diet and exercise plans that people use to stay healthy. It has been proven by many creditable sources that people who eat right and exercise regulatory have less complications with their health in the upcoming years. As we all have been aware, health care costs are on the rise and continue to increase throughout the years. Showing facts of how exercise and eating right will keep you out of the doctor’s office is imperative. I would make sure to include a paragraph on what foods to steer away from: sugars, oils, all kinds of fats, etc. In addition, if I included a section on what type of risks and dangers people are likely to have if they fail to eat healthy, would make this a more eye opening and educational essay....
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