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Com 150 final project Languages of the U.S. Languages of the United States Com 150/University of Phoenix David N. Martin
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Com 150 final project Languages of the U.S. There are hundreds of languages spoken each day in the United States but in there are no official language. Roughly about 82% claim English as their primary language and 98% claims to speak it well. With those statistics it seems almost unreasonable not to have it as our official language. To avoid improper facts in my research paper I have taken information from only the credible sources and some government websites that deal with the statistics of people whom speak English. Eighty two percent of people in America claim English as the language that they speak as their main language. Fourteen more percent claim to speak English well enough to be able to hold conversations in English. For some of these reasons is why I feel that English become the official language of the united states of America. Some of our states individuialy claim English as a their official language. There are twenty eight states that claim English as their official language. Eight states and territories that are owned by the united states are considered to be bilinguial or to have two separate languages that are considered to be able to conduct business in. English was inherited from British and it is spoken by the vast majority of the population. It serves as the default language. Only 0.8 per cent speak no English at all, as compared with 3.6 per cent in 1890. American English has some differences from British English, but these differences are fairly minor. For detailed differences in British English and American English see American and British English differences. Spanish is a very popular language in the united states and is on the rise in popularity in
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week6day7 - Com 150 final project Languages of the U.S...

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